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Makeup makeup is the most basic step is the most critical step. Small as we bring this www.maccosmetics2017.com perfect makeup tutorial, just seven steps will allow you to "makeup" the baby blowing shells can be broken skin. Quickly and see it.

Makeup may seem simple, but every detail can not be ignored. Makeup before the milk of choice, cover, loose powder using the T zone, only to master every detail of know-how, be able to turn out a lasting, natural-looking finish perfectly clear.Wholesale Mac Makeup

STEP 1: Select the appropriate makeup before the milk color, white for white skin,Wholesale Mac Makeup green suitable for sensitive, acne muscle, skin pale pink fit, purple, peach, yellow for yellowish, dull skin. Makeup before the milk in the forehead, cheekbones and chin smear open from the inside outward.

STEP 2: light foundation applied to the entire face, a small amount of dark foundation smear Central outward contours.

STEP 3: concealer brush picks will now recessed areas or dark circles at the cover.

STEP 4: puff pat, can siphon off excess oil and improve the adhesion of the liquid foundation. Wholesale Mac Makeup

STEP 5: painted with high gloss cream depression part, to create a full effect.

STEP 6: In order to create a three-dimensional effect, in other parts of the nasal smear dark shadows.Wholesale Mac Makeup

STEP 7: Apply loose powder makeup can make a more lasting. After an appropriate amount of loose powder puff dipped gently rub it, this could make shedding more evenly. Prone to wrinkles under the eyelids to be less easy to Tuozhuang T-zone to be more.

Wholesale Mac Makeup Step2, shedding dingzhuang

The purpose is to make a more lasting makeup. Highlights and shadows. In the forehead, nose and eyes marked at high light brightens. Then sweep the shadows at the bottom of the ear on the cheek, so the face look more three-dimensional.Wholesale Mac Makeup

Step3, blush and lip

Apple's Wholesale Mac Makeup position in the muscle painted blush, has been extended to the highest point of the ear. The lip is low-key and modest nude color.

Step4, eyebrows and eye primer

First, from start to finish with eyebrow eyebrows painted evenly. Then finger or eye makeup applicator brush picks up the eyelids, and blooming to the entire eyelid.

Step5, eyeshadow parts deal Wholesale Mac Makeup

Choose a color frame, eye makeup section to be more daring seasons, the first paragraph is more important than some color. Also choose earth colors eye shadow primer first, then dark brown eye shadow on the eyelids roots draw eye shadow, and finger smudges off.

Wholesale Mac Makeup Step6, eyeliner and eyelashes

From the corner to start close Wholesale Mac Makeup to the roots of the lashes until the end of eye lash line, under the lash close to the roots of the same painting on thin liner, your eyes the whole look more to God. Wholesale Mac Makeup